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Testing React with Enzyme and Jest: a new video course

Today I’m releasing my brand new video series titled “Testing React with Jest
and Enzyme”.

I’ve been working with, writing tutorials, and speaking about React for a few
years now and something that I get asked more often than not is how to test
React components.

There are many great courses out there to help you learn React, but this course
is specifically for those who have done a bit of React but would like to know
how best to test them. Not only the specifics of how to test, configuring
Jest, using Enzyme’s API, but also what to test.

When is is right to reach for a snapshot test? When should we pull logic out of
components and test it separately? How do I test components that are connected
to Redux?

This series consists of eleven videos, each ranging from 5-10 minutes in length.
They are purposefully designed to be easily watchable on a commute, on a quick
break from work or when you’ve got a spare half hour over a weekend. The first
five videos in the series are free and you can purchase the rest for $20.

By purchasing the videos you’ll also get access to all the source code, any
updates over time and the ability to email me with questions about the course.

If this sounds interesting, you can watch the first video below, and head to the
Testing React page for the rest of the videos and
to buy the full package.