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Talks We’re Looking Forward to at ngATL

Talks We're Looking Forward to at ngATL

Next week, a few members of the NodeSource team will be headed out to ngATL. We’re super pumped to be a Gold Sponsor and a Diversity Supporter of the event, and are looking forward to catching up with the Angular community in Atlanta to talk shop.

Today we wanted to give a quick rundown of just a few of the talks and workshops happening over the four days of ngATL that we’re excited to see.

ngATL: Day One

Contributing to the Angular Docs

Emotional Intelligence for Engineers

JavaScript is the new metal: the cloud vs the browser

NBA + Angular = Game Detail

Logging, and Errors, and Metrics – Oh My!

The Parable of the Blender

ngATL: Day 2

Deploying Angular to the Cloud


It’s Not Dark Magic – Pulling Back the Curtains From Your Stylesheets

Reactive Programming: Future-Proof Your Code

State management with ngrx

End the Test Engineer role: how cross-functionality leads to a better engineering process

Node.js Workshops:

At ngATL, the NodeSource team will be giving two workshops focusing on Node.js – with 100% of the proceeds we’d get going directly back to ngATL to help support the community with Diversity Scholarships.

Node.js Fundamentals

Node.js Best Practices

One last thing…

That’s just a small selection of the things we’re looking forward to at ngATL! Let us know on Twitter at @NodeSource which talks and workshops you’re looking forward to most – we’re eager to hear from you.

We’re excited to see you at ngATL! Be sure to stop by the NodeSource booth to pick up some stellar swag and chat about how Node.js + Angular are a perfect match.